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JRKarsten's battle

Plasmawarrior: Unbeatable!

Plasmawarrior the Emerald Knight
14 December 1983
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Do you want to know what your tarot card is? Do you want to know what your tarot card is? Do you want to know what your tarot card is? Do you want to know what your tarot card is?

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People may not like me...
May hate me...
And for them...
This is the last time...
I let anyone who's not a friend...
come back to me.

4 simple rules:

1: My LJ, my rules. No arguing about them. Your LJ, your rules. Simple no?
2: Birthday MUST be in your profile. You DO NOT have to be 18, but it you don't have it, there's no adding.
3: One person, one LJ. I will not chase you around the internet just to be on your friends list.
4: My world is not pretty. I will say a lot of things people don't agree with. That's drama. Deal with it or leave.

By rule, all who come here are to comment me to be added. If you're not added it's because I'm not interested... and that's that.

My fans agree though!

impdujour "jrkarsten is an anime friendly person who isnt afraid to use colorful themes on Live Journal."

punk_goth_churn"Jrkarsten is an uber cool anime guy and he knows his anime.">

darkfox "jrkarsten is the ruler of the world universe and all shall bow down to him... NOW!

Now, for any clames I have at claim_a_bishie

Also, people who are my good friends, you're welcome to comment to add my 'enegy' as well... alow me to interduce them...

Next, a link to my hentai communities, first hentai_world

But that's not all, we also have an affiliate to my communities first, hentai_addikt

Now the hot lesbian fun of _yuri_hentai

And now finally, here is the list of banned idiots and such!

"Thou art the Fury, thou art the Ward. Live by thy sword, and die by thine blade. Thou art the unyielding wall of steel, bane of all trespassers of honor. Thou art a Warrior. Forever, we march on." - Charietuna of the Cairne server of World of Warcraft